Time to get serious

I’ve never really taken my photography really proper seriously, mostly because it’s only one thing of many that takes up my time. However, it’s probably time to change all that. I’ve pretty much been a point and click photographer, although I do try to get the aperture and f-stop settings right. I’ve been told I’ve got a good eye and I think I’ve taken some decent pictures in recent years. 

So there are three things I need to do.

The first is to learn how to use the settings on my Nikon D5500 properly. I’ll buy a couple of books and maybe do an online course over the next few months. The second is to develop a style. I guess this will take some time. I want to develop something that someone might say – that’s an ij photo. At the moment, I tend to take fairly standard pictures of sunsets, occasional pictures of trees, boats, anything with a reflection and a few other things. I like patterns and I’m good at spotting them, so maybe that’s something to think about. I love wildlife but that’s a whole other ball-game. I also love messing around with images using apps on the ipad (see DeadTress and DirtyGround) The next task will also help with the style too. So, the third thing I need to do is to learn and take inspiration from those who are already at the top of their game. I’m not very familiar with photographers as artists. My only interests have been surrealism. My favourite photographer has been Joan Fontcuberta, mostly because he takes un-real photographs. I don’t hope or even intend to go down that route. I want to take photographs of landscapes that people will want to hang on their walls. So a small bit of research and a book called Landmark has helped me formulate a starting list of photographers I like:

Michael Kenna http://www.michaelkenna.net/index2.php

Mitch Dobrowner http://www.mitchdobrowner.com/

Elger Esser http://www.elger-esser.com/information/cv/

Sally Mann http://sallymann.com/

Charlie Waite http://www.charliewaite.com/

If anyone can recommend anyone else I should look up, I would be most grateful. Here's to 2016...